Turin, Italia
Posted: 29 Dec 2017
The marriage of Figaro-Turin Opera Workshop

The marriage of Figaro-Turin Opera Workshop

15 - 29 Apr, 2018

Fernando Cordeiro Opa, vocal technique
Pablo Maritano, direction
The initiative is aimed at voice, theatre, interpretative studies and the production of the opera « Le nozze di Figaro » by Mozart (with orchestra, staging, costumes).
*The better singers will have the opportunity to be assigned a role in the opera "le nozze di Figaro"
* The selected singers will be included in the 2018 - 2019 musical season of: Nuovo Teatro Araldo (Italy), del Teatro Argentino de La Plata (Argentina), Ass. Artes (Italy)
* N. 1 EUR 490.00 scholarship available for the best singer.
Registration fee:
50 euros
Cours fee
Course fee for singers active students: 440 € (the accommodation is included)
Course fee for directors active students: 200 € (the accommodation is included)
Course fee for accompanists: 100 € (accommodation is NOT included)
Course fee for auditors: 100 (accommodation is NOT included)
Data di scadenza: 30 Mar 2018
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