Florence, Italia
Posted: 02 Jan 2018
Vocal - Masterclass – Franco Pagliazzi

Vocal - Masterclass – Franco Pagliazzi

14 - 15 Apr, 2018

Vocal - Masterclass– FRANCO PAGLIAZZI - 14 & 15 April 2018 at Palazzo Rosselli der Turco, Borgo SS, Apostoli 19, Firenze/Italy.
Each active participant will get 2 lessons with Franco Pagliazzi.
Registrations should be sent online form:
Registrations are considered according to the date of receipt.
All participants that are accepted will be notified. Deadline for registration: 14 March 2018. Fee for active participation: 300 €. The fee for the piano accompanist is 80,- €. The Fee for passive participation: 40 €
Data di scadenza: 01 Apr 2018
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