Limoux, Francia
Pubb: 08 Feb 2021
Classe d'elégance

Classe d'elégance

06 - 12 Sep, 2021

- is an exclusive and all- inclusive masterclass for young, virtuoso and talented cellists and pianists from all over the world. The masterclass will be held by Prof. Matias de Oliveira Pinto, Violoncello and JeungBeum Sohn, Piano, from 06.09.2021 to 12.09.2021 in the beautiful historic town Limoux in South France.

CLASSE D'ÉLÉGANCE - a unique masterclass.
In addition to the intensive instrumental and ensemble lessons with focus on the improvement of instrumental skills, the masterclass offers exclusive insights into professionally relevant topics. The program includes lectures on aspects such as competition and concert preparation as well as insights into making professional recordings in the studio.
scadenza: 15 Aug 2021
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