Offerta di lavoro - Performance

Kunming, Cina
Pubb: 28 Oct 2020
Kunming International Philharmonic

Kunming International Philharmonic

Tutti Violin

(contratto di un anno)
Kunming International Philharmonic announces the auditions for the season 2020-2021 for the following positions in the strings section of the orchestra:

Violin (tutti)

To participate in the auditions please submit the application on our website:

and send by e-mail video of the required repertoire (links or video files):

We offer several options for cooperation, both long-term employment and short-term employment, such as participation in projects, tours, etc.
For long-term employment, we accept applications from musicians from all countries, for short-term only from those who are currently in China.

Detailed information about the auditions can be found on our website, or in the file below
scadenza: 30 Nov 2020
Più informazioni/How to apply:
Visit website
Audition information (pdf)
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