Strumento in Vendita

Posted: 17 Aug 2019

Quite a few old French instruments+Rudall Carte Ebonite

Prezzo: 250 Euros

I will be glad to show and play these instruments on Skype or Facebook Messenger.

Bonneville 2099 with rare silver head,needs repad. 1500 Euros.
Simon Lefevre ~ 1880-250,Louis Augu(Grande Lutherie du Centre) 200,,E.J. Albert after overhaul by Mehnert 850,Godfroy Aine after overhaul by Mehnert w/ Straubinger pads w/ original HJ +extra silverHJ with wings from Mehnert, a great sonic match -1650,Djalma Julliot 1926 needs overhaul 190,etc.
Haynes B foot joint from Deveau scale flute-better in tune in the lower notes-940 Euros.
Haynes Db without HJ,needs repad,swedging,S.N. 5XXXI have turned it into a high pitched C flute with varnish-420
Lebret 25XX relatively good(mechanical and cosmetic condition,needs repad-800.
Rudall Carte Ebonite-this is a 440 flute.Marvelous scale,flute sounds big and full with good metal HJ,original HJ so-so.After marvelous overhaul in 2018-750 Euros

Looking for interesting 19th French metal flutes…trades possible.
My YT videos can be seen under Ra
Raanan Eylon

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