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Regno Unito
Regno Unito
Posted: 12 Sep 2019

Paul Bailly, 1907 Paris

Paul Bailly, 1907 Paris, pic 1
Paul Bailly, 1907 Paris, pic 2
Paul Bailly, 1907 Paris, pic 3
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Prezzo: £25000

This is a wonderful instrument which I have had so much fun playing. Unfortunately I'm no longer playing as much due to a change in career and it's a shame for such a wonderful instrument just sitting there. It should be played!

It is of a slightly narrowed model based on Stradivari’s 1716 ‘Messiah’.
Bailly worked in the Paris workshops of Jean Baptiste Vuillaume, and this violin shows his influence. The violin represents the high point in Bailly’s making and is an outstanding example of Parisian craftsmanship of the period.

The violin measures
Length of back: 354mm
Upper bouts: 165mm
Middle bouts: 115mm
Lower bouts: 204mm

The price I am asking for is the same price I purchased the instrument for around 3 years ago, so I'm not looking to make any money, just looking to get back what I spent. The market doesn't move that quickly!
Certification: I have a certificate from the dealer who sold me the violin. The violin is also insured with Lark so I have valuation documents from them.
Chloe Stowers-Veitch

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