Strumento in Vendita

Posted: 11 Apr 2020

Many old French flutes mostly incomplete,Bonneville,Lebret,etc.

Prezzo: 1000 Euros

1) Bonneville SN4191 without HJ.Needs repadding. Interesting because pitch is 440 and even higher.800 euros.
2)Lebret bodies 1070 and 3144,open holes,need repadding and some swedging-.250 Euros each. Lebret 1160 body closed needs repadding or maybe just adjustment,sweet-350 euros.
3) Francois Sudre,made ~ 1880 extremely light,open,after overhaul by Mehnert,with original HJ-800 Euros.

5) Godfroy Aine' heavy Maillechort flute after overhaul by Mehnert.They pronounced flute to have been in unplayed condition-a time machine instrument.With original HJ,but I would fit a sparkling HJ for better results. Probably made by the successor F. Chapelain. 1750 Euros.
6) Eugene Joseph Albert closed after overhaul by Mehnert. Medium heavy Maillechort with HJ.880 Euros.
Can show and play all flutes on Skype,F
Raanan Eylon

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