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Regno Unito
Regno Unito
Pubb: 28 Oct 2020

Violin Stainer

Violin Stainer, pic 1
Violin Stainer, pic 2
Violin Stainer, pic 3
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Prezzo: £2.800

4/4 Violin Stainer with an engraving inside and on the back.
Peculiar vault, very square, well-curled maple back,
fir tree cover with fine beta and a green-ochre varnish colour.

I´ve been using this instrument for 10 years during my whole academic years (undergraduate and postgraduate studies in performance).

-Box length: 35,70cm
-Top width: 17,00cm
-Middle width: 11,00cm
-Lower width: 20,90cm
-String length: 32,80cm
-Head width: 4,25cm
Certification: I have valuation documents for this instrument
Claudia Gallardo
Tel: 07849561120

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