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Pubb: 10 Mar 2021

R La Fleur, U.K, 1850-1899

R La Fleur, U.K, 1850-1899, pic 1
R La Fleur, U.K, 1850-1899, pic 2
R La Fleur, U.K, 1850-1899, pic 3
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Prezzo: $7,000.00 USD

The is a fine cello bow stamped 'R La Fleur' It is a fine English bow, possibly to have been made by the brother of La Fleur who was living in the U.K. at the time of this bow's making.
Probably made in the mid to late 19th century This cello bow bears the brand ‘R LAFLEUR‘ Description:
Weight is 86 grams
The shaft is round and is made from red-brown Pernambuco (Caesalpinia echinata). It is a strong bow and in very good condition.
The nut (Frog) is of Ivory with an engraved floral and leaf pattern gold ferrule and heel plate. The lapping is original gold wire. The nut also contains a Paris- ian eye consists of a gold ring surrounding a pearl eye.
The button is three piece and is made of ivory that’s capped with engraved gold matching the other gold fittings On each facet of the end of the button is stamped the letters: S T A L L H O E .
The mammoth Ivory tip is not original.
Certification: Instrument appraisal for insurance purposes done by Linda West Cellos in Santa Barbara, California
Alberto Macias
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