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Regno Unito
Regno Unito
Pubb: 17 Jun 2021

Northern English Double Bass, Mid 19th Century

Northern English Double Bass, Mid 19th Century, pic 1
Northern English Double Bass, Mid 19th Century, pic 2
Northern English Double Bass, Mid 19th Century, pic 3
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Prezzo: £20 000

Big unlabelled mid 19th century bass. Sold to me as Anonymous Northern English*.

Wonderful orchestral tone; dark, warm, broad. A real asset to the bass section. This is a big bass, with a sound to match. Would probably work well if converted to a 5 string too.

Beautiful large English scroll with Baker style plates/tuners, recently fitted with gated C extension, and a neck reset to modern specification - the higher overstand makes it easy to play in thumb position despite its large body, and the fingerboard has been lengthened slightly for some additional high notes just in case you need them…

Even though the body is rather wide and deep, it still has a standard 3/4 size string length of 106cm and a regular D stop neck, so switching from a smaller instrument feels perfectly natural, but this instrument would still be most suitable for a reasonably tall player.

Please don't hesitate to arrange a trial!

*Some people have cast doubt on its provenance - viewing essential.
Certification: Receipt of sale from Laurence Dixon Bass Place, London
Alexander Verster

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