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Regno Unito
Regno Unito
Pubb: 02 Jul 2021

3/4 Stringer's cello second-hand

3/4 Stringer's cello second-hand, pic 1
3/4 Stringer's cello second-hand, pic 2
3/4 Stringer's cello second-hand, pic 3
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Prezzo: 950

A second-hand, intermediate level ¾ cello handcrafted to Stringer's specifications [as of when it was purchased in February 2018] with high-quality fittings, Jargar strings, and a brazil wood bow. Outfit includes a semi-rigid lightweight pod case with rucksack straps. The price is £950. The cello case can be purchased for an additional £50. Both, the cello and the case are in supreme condition as they have not been used very much.
Certification: n/a
Alice Evans

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