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Pubb: 12 Aug 2021

Nagahara all 14k

Nagahara all 14k, pic 1
Nagahara all 14k, pic 2
Nagahara all 14k, pic 3
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Prezzo: 39 000€

For sale, the highest standard flute Nagahara all 14k, handcrafted exclusively by master Kanichi Nagahara (equivalent of the current « K.N. Exclusive » model). Soldered toneholes, E-mechanism, 18k lipplate riser, C-foot, G-offset. The flute is in absolutely perfect condition. Original accessories and documents.

The flute has tremendous sonority features: a very flexible tone, ranging from gentle and sweet to massive and solid. The meticulous precision of the mechanism and overall beauty of the instrument are striking.

The flute can be tried in Paris, France (serious considerations only; provide a brief introduction).
Evgeny K.

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