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Pubb: 28 Sep 2023

Flute Headjoint:

9k solid gold "Flute Makers of Australia" headjoint

Prezzo: EUR 4.200,00
9K gold 'Flute Makers of Australia' headjoint, wood and silver cap, serial number 9507, above the FA mark is also engraved the number 85 (the year of production?).
Very sweet sounding, easy in the high notes, perfect for those who prefer a unique timbre and a cleaner sound to loud and boisterous sounds.
The cut of the bush has the advantage of keeping the sound clear and centred even in the case of excessive air pressure, preserving it from the risk of a 'broken' or 'shouted' result (I know that in some flute schools this is a sought-after and appreciated effect… In that case I would advise against using this head).
Thomas Traspedini

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