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United States
Evansville, United States
Posted: 17 Jun 2021
Evansville Philharmonic Orchestra

Evansville Philharmonic Orchestra

Violinist in the Eykamp String Quartet and Concertmaster in the Evansville Philharmonic Orchestra

Responsibilities include serving as Violinist in the Eykamp String Quartet and Concertmaster in the Evansville Philharmonic Orchestra; approximately 165 services with the EPO (includes all orchestra, outreach, and quartet services). Participate in performances and educational activities as Artists-in-Residence at the University of Evansville, including recitals, master classes, and coaching's.

Qualifications include:
Performance at a very high level of artistic accomplishment including solo, chamber, and orchestral experience.
A dedicated commitment to playing in a full-time string quartet; commitment to education and outreach.
A bachelor’s degree is required.
Rehearse and perform to a high standard as a member of the EPO Violin section. Be fully prepared in advance of the first rehearsal. Preparation of parts will include all pitches, dynamics, rhythms, tempi and other musical instructions. Preparation also includes being familiar with the work to be performed.
Follow the direction of the Music Director in all matters relating to style, ensemble, intonation, articulation and bowing.
Ensure that performance parts are marked with all relevant information in a concise and timely manner in accordance with the instructions of the Music Director.
Be available within reasonable expectations for meetings with the Music Director, management and/or colleagues to discuss job-related issues.
Aid in every way possible the Music Director and/or Personnel Manager with regard to their section.
The Evansville Philharmonic Orchestra and the University of Evansville collaborate fully in the selection and employment of Quartet personnel.
The University of Evansville is an independent, selective admissions university recognized for excellence in its core liberal arts and sciences curriculum and professional programs. Enrollment is 2,000+. The Music Conservatory currently has 80 undergraduate music majors.
Closing date: 26 Jul 2021
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