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Paris, フランス
掲載日: 24 Sep 2020
Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio France

Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio France

Concours 2ème violoncelle solo / co-principal cello / 26 et 27 novembre 2020 / 26th and 27th Nov

Co-principal cello
Position First soloist

51.463,72 € - Except allowance

To be agreed


1st eliminatory round
- J. Haydn : Symphony « Le Matin » Hoboken I:6 in D Major, Edition Urtext de chez Henle and excerpts from :
o 2nd mvt : bar 26 to 72
o 4th mvt Finale : bar 87 to the end

- LW. Beethoven : Sonate No. 3 in A Major, 1st mvt (with piano)
- C. Debussy : La Mer, excerpt
o 1st mvt : 2 bars before No.9 to No.14

2nd eliminatory round
- C. Debussy: sonate (with piano) : 1st and 2nd mvts
- J. Brahms : 2nd concerto for piano (with piano), Andante, excerpts
o From the beginning to 9 bars after A.
o From D to the end.

- LW. Beethoven : Symphony No. 8, excerpt
o 3rd mvt (Tempo di menuetto), Trio (without repeat)
- M. Ravel : La valse, excerpt
o From No.85 to the end
- R. Strauss : Une vie de héros, excerpt
o From the beginning to 8 bars after No. 13
- A. Berg : Suite lyrique : Drei stücke, excerpts (partie du haut)
o 1st piece: 56 to 80
o 2nd piece: 30 to 67

With musicians of the Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio France :
- G Rossini : Opening of Guillaume Tell, all the Andante
- G Puccini : Tosca : soli du 3ème acte :
o From 5 bars after No. 9 to No.11 included

 The day of the audition, the jury will confirm the choice of the lines.
 The pieces of music can be played or replayed in each test. The jury has the right to stop the candidate at any time, or ask him to play again.
 You have to play the solo part 1 in : Haydn, Brahms Concerto, Beethoven Symphony n°8, Rossini and Puccini
締め切り日: 11 Nov 2020
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