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掲載日: 27 Oct 2023


Heckel 55XX series

価格: Good price, ask please.
Selling a Heckel basson 55XX ,restored by Bernd Moosmann in 2008, all original keys have been re-plated and silver tubes added to the open tone holes, the whisper key added by Heckel .
Played at the Berlin and Warsaw Philharmonic. I have owned and played it since 1983 at the Bogota Philharmonic Orchestra as Principal Bassoonist . Beautiful tone and easy high notes D,E, perfect tuning. Heckel bocal CC1 and Amati bocal. Aquae Sulis Bassoon Case - "Tubular" Bassoon Case with Rucksack Straps or original case.
The bassoon is located in Bogotá, Colombia
Zbigniew Zajac

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