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掲載日: 15 Nov 2023

Pair of Clarinets (Bb and A):

Buffet Crampons Divine Bb and A

価格: €8000
Hello clarinet fellows!
They are selected by myself from Buffet Crampons factory in 2016 and 2017 (each separately). Kept it as new for few years and started playing in spring 2020 and carefully blew in. Very well served until autumn 2022 (total in 2,5 years).
First maintenance done in spring 2019 before start to play. Overhaul in summer 2021 and annual maintenance done in summer 2022. Each clarinet has 65 and 66 barrels. All accessories are included except mouthpiece. Comes with Buffet Crampons leather double case.
Beautiful, dark and warm focused sound and especially good intonation. Very successful for solo recital, chamber music and also in orchestra.
If you are interested and need more information or have questions don’t hesitate to contact me!
Original receipts from factory and maintenance services available. Trying possibility in Tallinn, Estonia and I am looking for a person who will treat them carefully with heart as well as I have done.
Soo-Young Lee

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