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Kosmas Lapatas,


Glyfada, Athens, Greece


​Award-winning Prof. Kosmas Lapatas holds graduate and post-graduation degrees in Piano Performance (summa cum laude), Piano Pedagogy, Harmony, Counterpoint, Fugue, Musicology, Music Technology, Music Production and Computer Composition. He has performed at the most prestigious Greek concert halls and municipal theaters and with various orchestras and has recorded countless classical, contemporary, minimalist and film music works as well as his own compositions. Since 1995 he is dedicated to teaching the piano to infants, children, adolescents and adults at home and in public and private schools, colleges, conservatoires and various institutions. He has received stellar reviews for his pedagogy, compositions and performance. His students have been admitted to the world's top universities such as Harvard, Berklee, Tufts, Brown, Hunter, CUNY, UCL, ETH, Trinity, Cass, etc and have excelled in degrees, diplomas, competitions, auditions, festivals, masterclasses, and Eurovision Junior. His tutors were trained by iconic classical musicians such as Anda, Brailowsky, Curzon, Enescu, Hindemith, Horszowski, Hubert, Lhevinne, Marcus, Markevitch, Messiaen, Moravec, Musulin, Naumov, Neuhaus, Neumann, Ogdon, Orff, Sebok, Serkin, Skoda, Slenczynska, Svetlanova, Tocco, Vlassenko, etc.



He possesses a remarkable commitment, intelligence, intensity, sincerity, artistic and professional integrity.

Highly-trained musician, passionate teacher, rigorous coach and warm human being. Don’t miss a chance to experience him.

He is communicative, articulate, energetic and focused. He is a consummate professional and a teacher of the highest calibre.

He is exceptional at motivating kids, teens, and adults with challenges that inspire, motivate, stretch and grow their capabilities in a safe, caring environment.

An extremely gifted pianist of great accomplishment, understanding and sensitivity and a charismatic teacher with communicative warmth, sense of humour, and sincere involvement.

His relentless passion for music making and music teaching inspires even the weakest student to accomplish things that no one else thought they were possible. We’re incredibly lucky to have him.

He is the teacher/coach/mentor/friend that we all wish we had studied with. He is devoted to integrity and beauty in music and in life. His ability to combine intellectual understanding with joy and passion in the music is inspiring.

He is a brilliant pedagogue. He has an unusual ability to work through technical problems without resorting to formulaic methods. His quick analysis of a problem coupled with individually tailored suggestions for the solution is unique.

He is by far the best teacher I have ever had. Always inspiring and encouraging, always bringing out the best of me not only musically but in every aspect of my life. Always helpful and unfailingly generous of his love, passion, concentration, time, energy and knowledge. A life time mentor and coach.

He communicates ideas, concern and commitment to the highest ideal of musical expression as well as the development of each individual pupil. Practical and idealistic. A true artist, and even more amazing, a gifted teacher and role model. His musical and human generosity is almost unparalleled in my experience.

He strives on a daily basis to provide all his students with a deep respect and appreciation, as well as love and passion for great music of any kind, genre and period. He helps and supports all students, regardless of their talent and degree of musicality, to connect in a personal way with the music that they're making.


I think he is a music pedagogy genius

He is so much more than a pianist. ​I think he is a music genius.

He is a very accomplished and very talented pianist

There are thoudands of pianists outhere, but only a handful of natural born teachers like Mr. Lapatas

'He is a unique teaching talent, not limited to the boundaries of his country. His immense love for children and music has taken him to a whole other level."

”He has a solid musical foundation, talent, love and dedication to music, comfort and transmissibility with children, young people and mature students.’'

Kosmas is a highly skilled educator who inspires and leads his students to capture the true essence of teaching: experience that transcends to the highest form of art.""

Mr Kosmas is industrious, intelligent, and fully enthusiastic. He is considerate, extremely patient and with a real ability to listen and solve complex problems. His overall educational and working background shows a genuine love for children, music and education. All in all, he is loyal, hard-working, talented and with a true dedication to his profession.

Mr Lapatas has outstanding teaching and communication skills and has a great rapport with different students and different age groups. He is flexible to accommodate any students’ needs and provide them with creative teaching approaches. He is flexible, adaptive, reliable, enthusiastic, positive and very creative. He is well-mannered with a great sense of humour and he is a team player.

He has deep musical training, talent, personality and boundless energy. He always manages to surprises with his innovative teaching methods stemming from his absolute love and devotion to children, music and education. On a daily basis, he expands his knowledge on piano pedagogy, composition and music technology, music history, research and musicology, biography and discography. He is equally able to teach from toddlers up to the highest musical institutions.


His playing is really really masterful. It clearly reveals a life of study and love for music.
David Schofield

''He possesses an exceptional, expressive and poetic depth and an overall astonishing musicianship.''"

""His interpretations range from sensual, lyrical and emotional, to dynamic, intense and riveting.""


24 years of private/group piano teaching to infants, kids, teens and adults at public/private schools, music schools, boarding schools, conservatoires, colleges, children institutes, teen institutes and mental institutions


Classical, Modern and Jazz Piano, Advance Theory, Computer Composition, Musicology, Music Technology, Music Production and Music Therapy under distinguished Harvard, Yale, Oxford, Julliard, Berklee, Mannes, Curtis, Gnessin, RAM, Mozarteum and Hellenic Conservatory faculty


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- Piano Pedagogy

- Music Therapy

- Composition

- Ensemble Conducting

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