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Alisher Latif-Zade,


United States
Cupertino (CA), United States


The extensive experience working as the founder and the head of musical groups ,highly skilled in the organization of

musical actions, Forums, Festivals, using close creative communications with musicians and conductors of the World.

Alisher Latif-Zade is an active composer of acoustic music. His output includes orchestral works; International Author’s Projects, chamber instrumental, theatre,cinema and vocal,

choral music.

He has written for and received commissions from numerous professional ,ensembles and performers;and his compositions

have been selected for national and international performances, music festivals forums and conferences ( 27 countries ).

A.Latif-Zade is a participant (one of 16 composers) of the Silk Road Project inc. an initiative of international cello superstar Yo-Yo-Ma (Tanglewood 2000).

Some of his compositions have been published in presstige publishing houses of USA,France,Russia and Belgium. His professional affiliates includes:

Membership of International Royal Academy of UN, ASCAP,Russian,Tajik and Uzbek Composers Unions. A.Latif-Zade is a graduate of the Moscow State Consrvatoire

named after P.I Tchaykovsky. Composer Alisher Latif-Zade is an expert of Eastern and Jewish music as well as. In addition to composing he performed on violin

(Library Congress Wash.DC and United Nations (NUC).

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