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Fernando Fracassi studied Chamber Music at the Higher College of Musical Studies ‘Gaetano Braga’ of Teramo (Italy) and Flute and Piccolo at the Italian State Conservatory of Music ‘Lorenzo Perosi’ of Campobasso (Italy) getting two Masters’ Degrees in Music Performance and Pedagogy with the highest results and honor.

He followed Flute masterclasses with William Bennet …

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Fernando Fracassi studied Chamber Music at the Higher College of Musical Studies ‘Gaetano Braga’ of Teramo (Italy) and Flute and Piccolo at the Italian State Conservatory of Music ‘Lorenzo Perosi’ of Campobasso (Italy) getting two Masters’ Degrees in Music Performance and Pedagogy with the highest results and honor.

He followed Flute masterclasses with William Bennett, Conrad Klemm (Böhm Flutes) and Stephen Preston (Ancient Flutes, Flûte Traversière and Recorders). In addition, he studied privately Flute with Arrigo Tassinari, formerly Principal Flute at the ‘Teatro alla Scala’ of Milan under Arturo Toscanini for more than twenty years.

Winner only thirteen of the First Prize at the National Competition for Young Musicians at the International Music Fair in Milan (Italy) in September 1975, First Price at National Competition for Flutist of Terranuova Bracciolini (Arezzo, Italy) in 1984 and Second Price (First Price not assigned, equally placed) at Flute Competition of Latina (Italy, 1983), Fernando Fracassi started his career as a Flutist and Piccolo recitalist at the age of twenty-three years old playing in various international Classical Chamber Music ensembles.

Six years later, Fracassi began also his career as an Orchestra player. During the years, he has been Principal Flutist (Solo Flutist), Co-Principal Flutist and also Piccolo Soloist in different international orchestras for more than fifteen years. He has been a member of Oradea’s State Philharmonic Orchestra (Romania), Tîrgu Mureș Philharmonic Orchestra (Romania), Satu Mare Philharmonic Orchestra (Romania, for collaborations), Musicians’ Union of Rome Symphonic Orchestra (Italy), Molise Symphonic Orchestra (Italy), Italian Army Symphonic Band (Italy) and European Union Military Band acting as Italian Army Military Band representative (the Netherlands).

Fernando Fracassi performed as a soloist with various orchestras too. We remember between them: Cluj Napoca Philharmonic Orchestra and Constanța Symphonic Orchestra (Romania), Hong Kong ‘Symphonia’ Orchestra (China), etc.

Besides, he has played also Flute and Piccolo in some Theatre Music and Soundtracks under the direction of Alessandro Bloonksteiner and Riz Ortolani at ‘Cinecittà’ Film Studio of Rome (Italy).

Following his passion for Ethnomusicology and Organology, Fernando Fracassi enlarged his studies during the years also to Ethnic Flutes (such as the chinese Dizi and Paixiao, the egyptian Nai, the irish Tin Whistle, the italian Friscaliettu, the Latin-american Kena and Pan Flute, the japanese Shakuhachi, the romanian Arguol, Caval and Tilinca, etc.) near all the entire families of Recorders (Ancient flutes) and Böhm flutes till the amplified or modified flutes. Today his private collection includes forty-five different recorders, flutes and piccolos coming from all over the world. He performs often on these musical instruments in his live concerts and recitals or uses different recorders, flutes and piccolos during his conferences, masterclass, recording sessions, seminars or workshops.

Fernando Fracassi is basically an Ambient, Classical, Soundtracks and World Music composer, arranger and performer. A great part of his compositions are the results of fusion and interaction of various amplified, ancients, ethnic, modern and modified recorders, flutes or piccolos with electronic equipment.

More, his repertoire embraces other styles such as Easy Listening, Latin and Symphonic Jazz, Progressive and Classical Rock.

Fernando Fracassi has performed in Africa, North America, Asia, Europe and Middle East during more than thirty years of career. Besides, he is invited to play Classical solo concerts or Chamber Music recitals near to Ambient, Classical Rock or World Music concerts or festivals worldwide.

His outstanding events include a Gala Concert to the presence of Her Majesty the Queen Beatrix of Holland (Breda, the Netherlands, 2004), a Solo Piccolo Concert to the presence of the Head of Italian Republic, prof. Carlo Azeglio Ciampi (Auditorium ‘Parco della Musica’, ‘Santa Cecilia Main Hall’, Rome, Italy, 2004), a Solo Piccolo Concert for the ‘Columbus Day’ (Saint Feliciano Auditorium, Lodi, New Jersey, USA, 2004), a performance at ‘Rockefeller Center’s Channel Garden’ of New York City (USA, 2004) and a Solo Concert at Hong Kong City Hall (China, 2015).

Besides, he takes part often as a special guest musician or as a lecturer to various conferences, corporate events, seminars or visual arts expositions at art galleries and museums.

He collaborates with many Universities, Cultural Foundations and Cultural Institutes. During the years, Fernando Fracassi had cooperation with the New York University (USA), the Southern Mississippi University (Hattiesburg, USA), the University of South Africa, ‘UNISA’ (Pretoria, South Africa), the University of Applied Sciences, ‘Niederrhein’ (Mönchengladbach, Germany), the ‘Goethe Institute’, Gulf Region (Muscat, Sultanate of Oman), the Swedish Institute of Cultural Studies in Rome (Italy), the Romanian Academy in Rome (Italy), the Carl Maria von Weber Museum of Dresden near to many other foreign Embassies and Academies in the world (Italian, Japanese, Romanian, etc.).

He recorded for the record labels ‘Olympia’ (London, UK) and ‘Electrecord’ (Bucharest, Romania) as a member of Oradea’s State Philharmonic Orchestra (Romania). Besides, he appears in various CD of the record label ‘Scomegna’ (Turin, Italy) as a Solo Piccolo player at Italian Army Symphonic Band. We remember between them the CD for the 143° Aniversary of the foundation of the Italian Army containing the difficult ‘Concert for Piccolo, Alto Clarinet, Clarinet and Symphonic Band’ by Gaetano Labanchi.

From 2009 to 2013, Fernando Fracassi worked as a Flute Teacher and Wind Ensemble Tutor in Muscat (Sultanate of Oman, Middle East) under His Majesty the Sultan Qaboos bin Said and cooperated with Placido Domingo for the official opening celebration of the Royal Opera House in 2011. He has collaborated as a Flute Teacher also with William Bennett for the masterclass which the English flutist hold in Oman in 2012. During these four years, Fernando Fracassi taught at the Royal Oman Symphony Orchestra, the Muscat Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and the Royal Guards of Oman Military School of Music.

Although Fernando Fracassi is primarily a researcher and performer on all kinds of recorders, flutes and piccolos, he is also a writer and author of monologues with music, poems, essay and fiction.

As a playwright, Fernando Fracassi began his activity in 2013 with his first show ´Babesch´, a play with music about the History and Aesthetics of Classical Music and the most representative composers from J.S.Bach to F.Poulenc. He also recorded, produced and distributed the homonym CD.

In 2017, Fernando Fracassi founded his sole proprietorship´Fernando Fracassi Music´ with the goal to record, print, produce and distribute his compositions, books and scores such as organize his public concerts and recitals or promote his activities in the fields of Comparative Arts, Music Education, Music and Imagery and Performing Arts for therapeutic goals (Stanislawsky/Fracassi Method).

Today he gives priority to live performances, his music, recordings and research in the fields of Organology and Aesthetics, History and Philosophy of Music.

Near to these activities, Fernando Fracassi performs his original shows and concert-lessons based on the model of the nobel price for Literature 1997, Dario Fo. They concern the ´Comparative Arts´namely the interaction or the fusion of various artistic, literary or philosophical languages within the same show in which his recorders, flutes and piccolos constitute the intermediary object of relation between the different subjects of knowledge.

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