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Farzad Omidi,


Farzad Omidi, Bass/Baritone


· Participation in 57th SEGHIZZI international choir competition and winning one silver and two bronze medals with Tonal choir , Gorizia , Italy , 2018
· Having performance in Dubai Opera House with Tehran Vocal Ensemble and awarding “best choir band of middle east”, Dubai , 2018
· Participation in a choir workshop performed by Prof. RagnarRasmussen, with Tehran Vocal Ensemble, Dubai, 2018
· Participating in Asia and Pacific Choir Games by interkulturassociation , Awarding three gold medals and one silver medal with Tonal choir, Sri Lanka , 2017
· Performing a concert conducting by Prof. Henry Pompidor , Tehran , Iran , 2017
· Having experience of choir conducting in conducting workshop of Prof. Henry Pompidor , 2017
· Concert with the Swedish Pitea choir conducted by Prof. Erik Westberg, Tehran, 2017
· Participating in world choir games of interkultur , and awarding two silver and one bronze medals in world choir games in Sochi , Russia , 2016
· Participation in a choir workshop performed by Prof. Markus Detterbeck and Prof. Jan Schumacher, with Tehran Vocal Ensemble, Tehran, 2016
· Conductor assistant in Tonal Choir since 2016
· Having a performance conducting by Prof. Thomas Caplin with Tehran Vocal Ensemble , Tehran , Iran , 2015
· Participating in choir conducting workshop by Prof. Thomas Caplin as an active singer , 2015
· Having performance with Tehran Vocal Ensemble in St. Polten , Austria , 2015
· Conductor assistant in Tehran Vocal Ensemble since 2015
· Performing several concerts with Tehran Vocal Ensemble in Tehran, Shiraz, Tabriz, Sari and Kish since 2014
· Performing with Chamber Orchestra of Tehran , 2014
· Being a member of “Tehran Vocal Ensemble” from 2014
· Teaching ear training , Gorgan ,Iran , 2012
· Music teaching to children , Gorgan , Iran , 2012
· Choir conductor assistant in Gorgan , Iran , 2012


Mobile: +989213856821

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