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Anderson Silva,


Ajax, Ontario, Canada
Anderson Silva, Trumpeter


Brass musician with over 27 years of experience in Music Performance (Trumpet) and teaching Music/Trumpet for beginners/intermediate students. Commitment to perfection and quality of sound. Well-organized, highly motivated and with excellent communication skills. Reliable, flexible, keen to learn and aligned with music market trends.


  • Graduated First Trumpet – Church Band – Christian Congregation in Brazil (Sao Paulo – North End) – 12/22/1990
  • Played as 1st trumpet for the CCB/SP Church Band from 1990 to 2004
  • Worked as Associate Trumpet Instructor for the CCB/SP – 1992 to 2004
  • Participated in several Chamber Music ensembles in Brazil until 2013
  • Worked as a commercial Trumpet Player playing at weddings and parties in the Great Sao Paulo Area until 2013
  • Played as 2nd/3rd Trumpet for the North Toronto Community Band – Toronto – Canada – 2015/16 season


  • Graduated Music Theory Studies by the Christian Congregation in Brazil Music Academy (CCBMA) – Prof Moises Silva – Sao Paulo – BR (11/09/1988 – 12/22/1990)
    • Rhythm, Meter, Scales (Major, Minor (all variations), and Blues scales) and Key Signatures, Intervals, Chords, Diatonic Chords, and Chord Progression
  • Graduated Music Performance – Trumpet by the Christian Congregation in Brazil Music Academy (CCBMA) – Prof Edson da Silva Lima – Sao Paulo – BR (11/09/1988 – 12/22/1990)
  • Studied Music Theory and Singing (Classical, Spiritual) in the Universidade Livre de Musica (ULM/SP) – Sao Paulo – BR (01/01/1992 – 06/01/1994 - Incomplete)
  • Studied Music Performance Trumpet at the Universidade Livre de Musica (ULM/SP) – Prof Edgar Baptista dos Santos (Capitao) – Sao Paulo – BR (01/01/1992 – 06/01/1994 - Incomplete)
  • Currently studying Jazz/Improvisation – Self-taught - In progress

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