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Mustafa Khalilov,


Baku, Azerbaijan
Mustafa Khalilov, Trombonist


· 2017- present - La Concordia Fribourg

· 10/2017- Friborg Chamber Orchestra

· 2014-2017- Azerbaijan State Symphony Orchestra

· 2011-2013 - State of Azerbaijan Youth Symphony Orchestra

· 01/2011- Dogus Children Symphony Oschestra


• 2013-2017 Baku Academy of Music, Bachelor

• 2017- present - Haute Ecole de Musique de Lausanne,Master in Musica Performance, prof.Jacques Mauger

Master Classes :

• Iqor Yakovlev, Uwe Fussel ,Fritz Winter, Alexander Erbrich-Crawford, Dan Jenkins, Andrew Cresci, Erkin Yusubov


Telephone: +41078 7233969
Switzerland,Fribourg,Givisier(FR)1762,Route de Belfaux, 10

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