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Dimitri Debroutelle,


Epinal, Lorraine, France
Dimitri Debroutelle, Trombonist


My name is Dimitri Debroutelle, I am a trombonist and I am 27 years old.

I started the trombone when I was 7 in a little music school in Picardie. I learnt the trombone in this school during 10 years, with Luc Herbaut as a teacher.

Then, when I was 17, I left home and I went to Rouen Conservatory, in order to study with Nicolas Lapierre. I also spent 2 years with Joël Vaïsse in Versailles Conservatory.

After, I went to Lille, to study at the ESMD (High School of Music in the North of France), where I get my Bachelor level in trombone (DNSPM), and my State Diploma (DE) of trombone teacher in February 2017. Then I get the Master degree Diploma of Musical Interpretation with Nicolas Moutier as trombone teacher in the High School of Music of Strasbourg (HEAR) in 2019.

I am now trombone teacher in the Conservatoire of Epinal (France, Les Vosges).

When I was 17, I decided to become a professional trombonist and a trombone teacher. I love playing in symphonic orchestra and I take a real pleasure doing this. I often play in Symphonic Orchestras, Brass Bands, Wind ensembles or various ensembles. I had the chance to play with the Orchestre National de Lille, with the Orchestre de Picardie and with the Orchestre de Chambre de la Nouvelle Europe. I participated in a lot of master classes, with famous trombonists like Fabrice Millischer, Jorgen Van Rijen, Michel Becquet, Gilles Millière, Stefan Schulz, Zoltan Kiss, Jacques Mauger, Marc Templeton, Ian Bousfield …

Even if I am a classic musician, I recorded some CD in different styles. One in early music named “Pour une Cathédrale” with the ensemble Les Meslanges in which I play the sacqueboute, a rock CD with the group ZVAL, and some creations of contemporary symphonic pieces of Philippe Chamouard, François Tashdjian, Olivier Urbano or Christophe Looten. Contemporary music is very important for me, and I had the chance to perform a solo piece, with live electronic during the festival "Musica" 2018, in Strasbourg. I was also part of the last Wax Tailor tour, as a singer in the choir.

Five years ago, I founded, with some musician friends of mine, a small symphonic ensemble, called L’Orchestretto. We play some symphonic pieces, arranged for our formation, classical and contemporary music.

I like sport, travelling and discovering new countries and cultures.


I played with some professional orchestras in the North of France, and I often play in a lot of varied musical project. I'm interested in everything. From early music to contemporary music. Solo pieces, chamber music or with a symphony orchestra.


I have my Music Education Diploma in France, and I'm teaching the trombone in the Conservatoire of Epinal (France, Les Vosges). It's been 10 years that I teach the trombone.


Mobile: +33 682467153
16 rue de Châtenois

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