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Pedram Babaiee,


Tehran, Tehran, Iran


Pedram Babaiee (in Persian: پدرام بابایی) is an Iranian contemporary classical composer and music producer born April 1992 in Tehran, with a notable background in composing and producing more than 24 hours of music for performing arts, advertising movies, animated, short and featured films, etc. from 2011 to 2018.

Style and Influences

In developing his very own personal style of writing music, Pedram is deeply under the impression of his five favorite composers;
Bach, Beethoven, Grieg, Ravel, Schumann.

Also in his own words, He was influenced by three irrelevantly different musical directions:

  • German Electronic music of the 1970s (Kraftwerk, Klaus Schulze, etc.)
  • Minimal music of the twentieth century (Arvo Pärt, Philip Glass, Meredith Monk, etc.) and Post-minimalism (Max Richter, etc.)
  • Indie/Alternative rock/metal and grunge music of the 1990s (Radiohead, System of a Down, Nirvana, etc.)

In late 2018, Pedram felt the lack of excitement about Iranian traditional music legacy and tried figuring out the issue; Therefore, he reached out Ali Bereliani -the only composition student and colleague of the great Iranian composer, Morteza Hannaneh- to learn about the roots and to explore the heritage of Iranian traditional music, theoretically; Today, one of the things that make Pedram unique as a composer, is a signature balance of Iranian and western musical elements, in his compositions.


Studio Albums

From Love and Information - 2016 (EP)

From Love and Information is a fragment, containing five pieces extracted from the 60 minutes length original music composed by Pedram Babaiee for the premiere performance of Caryl Churchill’s play Love and Information premiere in UMass Amherst, Directed by Nikoo Mamdoohi in 2016.

  • Piano Works: Portrait of an Imaginary Beloved - 2018

He also released his debut album in 2018, Piano Works: Portrait of an Imaginary Beloved, featuring himself as performing artist in the album, containing some of the early works he wrote for solo piano.

List of Compositions (2012- 2019)

  • Solo and Chamber Works:
    • Violin Sonata No.1 in D major (three movements)
    • Inertia Overture in A for String Orchestra
    • Love and Information Suite for Chamber Ensemble and Electronics (seven acts)
  • String Quartets:
    • Frames in C minor (four movements)
    • Fragments in Ab major (four movements)
    • Fractions in G minor (four movements)
    Woodwind Quartet:
    • Infraction in Eb minor (three movements)
  • Solo Piano:
    • Piano Suite No.1 in E major (four movements)
    • Flowers for M. in A minor (three movements)
    • Élegy for Afrooz in C# minor
  • Etudes, Sketches, and Dedications:
  • • Cello Suite No.1: in Bb major
    • Sketches: for Piano (Impromptus for Solo Piano)
    • Miniature Etudes Collection: Pattern-Based Experiments for various solo instruments / in 97 Parts (so far, it's ongoing)


Mobile: +989192113901

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