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United States
Posted: 16 May 2019

Very Fine Johann Udalrichus Eberle Violin

Very Fine Johann Udalrichus Eberle Violin, pic 1
Very Fine Johann Udalrichus Eberle Violin, pic 2
Very Fine Johann Udalrichus Eberle Violin, pic 3
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Price: $25,000

A rare 4/4 Johann Eberle violin from 1750. I have enjoyed this violin for a long time and it is one of the greatest sounding violins I have owned. It has a beautiful shimmering voice, deep and rich low-end, sparkling high-end, balanced tone throughout the ranges, impressive power and projection. For the professional. Set-up made by David Folland.

”EBERLE, Johann Udalrichus Born 1699 Vils Austria, died 1768 Prague Czech Republic. Pupil of Thomas Edlinger (III) in Prague. Established own workshop 1727. One of the best makers of the Prague school. Stainer model, sometimes combining elements of Cremona. Scrolls are stubbornly Tyrolean, with swan-necked pegbox and extended final turn of the volute, but the body and arching forms sometimes reflect an awareness of Cremonese styles. Small edges and short corners. Finely cut upright soundholes of Stainer form. Red-brown varnish of soft oil, given to craquelure. Fine materials used consistently.”
Certification: 2016 appraisal from David Bonsey, former Director of Fine Musical Instruments at Skinner Auctioneers and Appraisers
Nathan Krueger

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