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United Kingdom
United Kingdom
Posted: 01 Dec 2019

Reedsnstuff gouger and hardness tester

Reedsnstuff gouger and hardness tester, pic 1
Reedsnstuff gouger and hardness tester, pic 2
Reedsnstuff gouger and hardness tester, pic 3
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Price: £900 and £300

These are great when used in combination.
You can gouge pieces to an exact hardness which dramatically increases consistency in your reed making.
For example, Argendonax cane is hard. You can gouge the cane to leave it thick, measure it with the hardness tester and make small refinements as needed. It sounds like a lot of work but you can do a kilo of cane in a few episodes of South Park or anything else good on Netflix.
I'm selling them as I have enough cane to last me, and the friends I make for, a lifetime. It is pointless that these wonderful reed making tools are sitting there doing nothing when you could be using them to make fabulous reeds.

I am happy to share how I have got the best out of the gouger and hardness tester and share what I have learned regarding the best hardness for which shapes/ scrapes.
Gouger: £900
Hardness tester (analogue) £300
Mark Pollard
Tel: +447976772735

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