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United Kingdom
United Kingdom
Posted: 14 Jan 2021

Moosmann 22E

Moosmann 22E, pic 1
Moosmann 22E, pic 2
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Price: £17,500 GBP

Moosmann 222E bassoon for sale second hand in excellent condition (view it here: This bassoon was made in 2012 and has been completely overhauled in our workshops to like-new playing condition.

The Moosmann 222E bassoon is one the best bassoons Moosmann has ever made in our opinion. Crucially, it is a thin walled instrument compared to other Moosmann models, which makes it less heavy in sound and physical weight, but also sweeter and more responsive to play, and more flexible in tone.

The bassoon has an impressive dynamic range and is highly in tune and with stable intonation in all dynamics. It is also cleverly engineered, with quality features like nylon bearings in the key pivots for quiet key action, narrower right hand thumb keys, and so on. There is an impressive array of keys too, including 13 rollers and high F key.

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