Instrument Sale

Posted: 02 Oct 2021

A number of rare flutes,mostly 19th century, mostly overhauled

Price: Euros

2) Jack Leff flute extremely light- signed Jarde', Maillechort, original HJ which I do not like-would suggest replacing the lipplate. Overhauled by Mehnert- 1400 Euros.
4) Lebret silver flute, overhauled by Mehnert. Originally high pitch it has been retuned by Andrea Dainese to 442-444.The silver HJ has a lipplate from Mehnert.3050 Euros.Very rare compared to the more ubiquitous Maillechort Lebrets.Sounds better- extremely clear than many silver Lots.
6)Bonneville 4XXX w/o HJ-550 Euros!
Can show and play on Skype or FB messenger
Raanan Eylon

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