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Posted: 15 Nov 2021

Schwenk &Seggelke Model 3000 A and B

Schwenk &Seggelke Model 3000 A and B, pic 1
Schwenk &Seggelke Model 3000 A and B, pic 2
Schwenk &Seggelke Model 3000 A and B, pic 3
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I bought this clarinet in 2019, I maintain this instrument in Bamberg, Germany every month. This instrument does not have any cracks, It's in very good condition(sound,Intonation,key)
Instrument characteristics:
Model 3000: The German bore’s larger, cylindrical parts in combinations with open half tone holes create a deeply homogenous, present and centred sound.
If you are interested, please contact me
Junwei Qi
Tel: +41 766811027

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