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New Zealand
New Zealand
Posted: 17 Sep 2023


Wanted - French System bassoon bocal

Price: Negotiable - currency to suit you.
I've recently acquired an early 20c french system bassoon - marked as 'Manufactured by S[tephen]. Quilter, 3 & 5 Ferdinand St, London' but also faintly with 'Buffet' - so I suspect that it was made in France under license. Quilter's was bought in 1925 by Besson, which in turn became part of Boosey and Hawkes, which then became part of Buffet Crampon in 2006. The instrument keywork configuration and joint shapes look very much like Buffet bassoons from the 1920's.

However, the bassoon came with no bocal. So, if you have a spare french system bocal lying around - one intended for use on an early 20c instrument, I'd be interested to buy it. I could buy a new bocal from Buffet, with a dealer's markup, but it's possible that a 2023 designed bocal is not the best 'fit' for an earlier Buffet instrument from 100 years ago.

Arranged shipping would be to New Zealand.
Philip Sumner

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