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Posted: 11 Aug 2017

Lilliant Burkart Elite Flute

Lilliant Burkart Elite Flute, pic 1
Lilliant Burkart Elite Flute, pic 2
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- Body Silver flute.
- White Gold Headjoint POWELL 14K and Lip-gold 21K.
- Solders bond the flute parts more effectively than soft solders, do not deteriorate over time, and enhance resonance and projection.
- Straubinger.
- C# Trill Key: So named because it moves the B- C# and C- C# trills from the left hand to the right, while facilitating numerous other high-register trills.
- G Donut: Also enhances E3 production. When made from a synthetic material, it is included in every flute at no extra charge. If made from the same metal as the flute, it is offered at a small additional cost.

- Cuerpo Burkart Elite, Plata entera.
-Cabeza Powell de oro blanco de 14K y bisel de oro amarillo 21K.
- Chimeneas soldadas.
- Llave de trino de C#.
- Anillo para afinación en la llave de Sol.
- Zapatillas Straubinger.
- Estado impecable.

La combinación de la cabeza con el cuerpo es muy buena. Está en perfecto estado.
Maria Fernandez
Tel: 678745836
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