Stolen Instrument

United States
United States
Posted: 25 Nov 2012

Couesnon Cornet

Stolen: 30 Sep 2012 - September 30 to October 15th, 2012 - Albuquerque, NM

Possible culprits: Ukrainian and Russian movers from American Van Lines and Trans United Movers. Stolen with an E R Schmidt Violin, Godin SDXT, Yorkville AC50 amplifier, and a O.A. Hoyer "Stramm" bow and a C.A. Gotz 3 star bow.
Description of Instrument:
It is a Bb Cornet. It was purchased in the early '80s and was in good condition. There is a name JOEL STEVE GOKOOL etched on the bottom of the trumpet shaft from the bell to the valves. It was stolen during a move from Albuquerque, when the storage unit was opened to assess the move.
Steve Gokool
Tel: 845-533-4755

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