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Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika
Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika
Veröff.: 09 Jun 2024

Bassoon Crook/Bocal:

Heckel bocals

Preis: 600-1200 usd
Recent CD1, english bend SOLD

Pre-1900 GNw1 $1200 (price lowered)
Unaltered (no whisper key pip added), great condition for its age. Expert patchless seam repair on the bend. Has a ding or two which don’t affect the sound. Seals well, tip is in good condition. Likely from the 3000-series. Very rare

Pre-war CC2 $1000

A later pre-war. The tip has been repaired and possibly lengthened. Two patches, seals well. Great sound, on the darker side for pre-wars, and very stable intonation

Happy to provide more information and pictures on request
Nate Helgeson

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