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Pub: 22 Jan 2024
Muzon Young Talent Music Project

Muzon Young Talent Music Project

09 - 14 Apr, 2024

The Next Young Talent Music Project in London application is now open!

Take intensive lessons that are specialised to a high level and then perform the results in the great hall of the Royal Academy of Music in London!

Age 3-17. Online courses are also available.

Violin|Cello|Piano|Flute|Vocal|Kodály Musicianship|Music History/Theory

Naoko Inoue -Violin
Noemi Gyori - Flute
Eri Yamamoto - Piano
Julian Gregory- Vocal (King's Singers)
Dora Kokas - Cello ( F. Liszt Academy of Music)

Owen Ho - Music History/Theory
Ina Winjahr -Kodály Musicianship

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