San Marino
San Marino, San Marino
Pub: 11 Apr 2024
New Music Project San Marino

New Music Project San Marino

23 Jul - 21 Sep, 2024

For a summer with an open mind in search of the new.
LORENZO PAGLIEI - Composition, Electronic Composition, Ensemble
MARCO IGNOTI - Clarinet, Bass Clarinet
LAURA FAORO - Contemporary Flute, Chamber Music
ANDREA CORAZZIARI - Piano and Chamber Music of 20th and 21th century
MAURO LANZA - Masterclass Contemporary Composition, Electronic Music Project
RODOLFO ROSSI (ARS LUDI) - Percussion, Ensemble, Music Theatre, Improvisation
PAULIINA HAUSTEIN - Cello, String Ensemble, Improvisation
JOHN KENNY - Trombone, Brass, Flexible Ensemble, Improvisation, Composer Performer
LIGA LIEDSKALNINA - Singing - The Dramatic of the voice, Techniques and styles from Contemporary Music to Musical
PIPPO MOLINO - Composition
GABRIELE MARANGONI - Composition, Electronic Composition, Sound Theater, Radio Drama, Contemporary Accordion
DAMIANO MEACCI - Music Computing, Live Electronics
CHIARA LAGANI - RODOLFO SACCHETTINI - Radio Drama workshop for playwrights and actors
fecha límite: 21 Sep 2024
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