Stolen Instrument

Países Bajos
Países Bajos
Pub: 17 Apr 2024

viola made by Annelies Steinhauer Amsterdam1969 no.14 body length 390Mm

Stolen: 04 Sep 2023 - Amsterdam

The client disappeared with the viola who she had on trial for several months without leaving any information, no email contact no telephone contact possible.
Descripción del instrumento:
this viola was made by Annelies Steinhauer in Amsterdam1969 no. 14 (390 Mm). In april 2023 for trial given to Linda de Vries who lived in Amsterdam, who disappeared without any information with the viola.Until today we cannot reach her. If you see this instrument witch is labeled “Annelies Steinhauer Amsterdam 1969 opus 14” with one piece bright flamed maple back, perfling ebony/ pear-wood, varnish yellow orange brown in perfect condition ,please contact us! The police in Hilversum made a “proces verbaal”.Thank you for any information.Jaap Bolink& Annelies Steinhauer Hilversum the Netherlands,
Jaap Bolink

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