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Pub: 06 Dec 2014

Stradivarius copy Maestron Factory made A R Seidel, Molineri

Stolen: 05 Dec 2014 - 12.00 - 1500 Royal Crest Dr #159 Austin TX 78741

Would like my violins back desperately please… thanks do not know if this will help but will try….My life has been through pain and hardache and would like to have them back….Everything went down hill I need to make rent and without those instruments I was lost………Thanks for hearing me out please give me a call if a similar incident happened to you 512-375-5670 to see if I am wrong for feeling bad.
Descripción del instrumento:
The stradivarius copy had a dust ball perfectaly shaped ball inside of the violin was a redish color and had a fade mark up front. The Molinori was yellow and had pearl inlade diamonds around the edges of the face. The A R Seidel had a glued bridge and my name antonio signed on the other side the Maestro violin was reddish and factory made. My life when down when these intstruments where stolen. One of the violins does not have a case. I would love these instruments back My life went down and would love to know if someone feels the same I do…
Antonio Rivera
Tel: 512-375-5670

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