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Pub: 07 Aug 2015

mother of pear Star of David inlay on the back

Stolen: 01 Aug 2012 - Violin repair shop, D.C area near Falls Church, VA

The violin was sent to the repair shop to be reconditioned. I do not know exactly when it was stolen because I was told that the repairman would get to it when he could, and I waited about a year for the repair. When I inquired into the status of the repair, I was told that the violin could not be located and was believed to have been stolen from the shop at some unknown time. The shop was thoroughly searched, but the violin was not located. The theft would have been in about the 2011-2012 time period.
Descripción del instrumento:
The violin has an inlaid Star of David, six-pointed, star on the back. Otherwise, no inlays or unusual ornamentation that I can recall. There were pieces missing from the star, but it was mostly intact. It was previously repaired in about 1978 by a repairman in Boone, Iowa, and his sticker may still be on the inside of the violin, made less noticeable by a light coating of green crayon. The repair was a small wedge made from a Popsicle stick glued into the bottom of the side by the chin rest in order to repair the compression of the side from over-tightening the chin rest. It was in a large rectangular violin case with black banding on the ends and a black and white center, as I recall. The case was far too large for the violin.
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