Instrumento Robado

Países Bajos
Países Bajos
Pub: 21 Aug 2017

The violin in black textile case.

The violin in black textile case., pic 1
The violin in black textile case., pic 2
The violin in black textile case., pic 3
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Stolen: 16 Aug 2017 - 13:55 - Train from the schiphol airport to Amsterdam.

I forgot it in the train from schiphol airport to Amsterdam Central, at 13:55 16 August. There is nothing in the lost and found office, so I think it was stolen or something.
Descripción del instrumento:
Case is textile black but hard and rectangular. In the case was a shoulder rest, bow, and some things like mute, rosin etc. Violin of Soviet master Morozov (Морозов) 1933, №12. In the back of the violin you can see the mark "23A" and another one. And near the fingerboard when you're playing pizzicato your finger may touch it, so I have some place there with no lacquer.
Tel: +79167909968

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