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16 May 2016 Großbritannien (UK) Selmer Basset Horn

My basset horn dates from 2006. It was bought by its first owner for a folk music project - after a long search, I bought it from him on one happy day in 2011, and selling it will be one of the saddest things I have ever had to do. It comes complete, with spike, case, ligature etc and both "barrels", the shorter of which I have had enhanced with a tuning slide. There is a minor blemish on the bell, but in all other respects this is a beautiful and much-loved basset horn that needs a good home.

Price: GBP5000
Andrew Muir
Tel: +44 7824 690717
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10 May 2016 Großbritannien (UK) A-Clarinet, Buffet Crampon R13 (1983)

Serial number 244987. Silver plated keys. Lightly used. No cracks or blemishes. Complete with mouthpiece and double case. (This is one of the older R13 models. Later models of R13 have modifications that have not been universally welcomed.)

Price: £1300
Nicola Swinburne
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06 May 2016 Isle of Man Selmer Privilege A Clarinet

Lovely example of an A clarinet. Bought from Howarths in 2009. Re padded with woodwind super pads. Played professionally.

Price: £2500
Tony Barnsley
Tel: 07624409945
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04 May 2016 Großbritannien (UK) Selmer E flat Clarinet with triple case

Excellent Selmer E flat clarinet with beautiful tone. The instrument has recently been valued at £2800. A small amount of work needs to be done (replace pads etc) and so this has been reflected in the asking price to allow for the buyer to have personal preference over servicing. The clarinet has had a small crack in the past but it was fully repaired and has been in good working order for many years. Please don't hesitate to email for any questions.

Price: £2600
Harriet Hougham Slade
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15 Apr 2016 Australien Pair of E.J. Albert A and Bb (Serial No 78) clarinets with original mouthpiece and leather case

Both instruments are Boehm system featuring forked Eb. Pitch 440Hz. Made in Brussels. Imported into the UK by Jack Heyworth, London and Paris. Included is an original E.J. Albert rosewood mouthpiece with silver lay. Complete re-padding and overhaul by legendary instrument maker Tony Ward. Since their full restoration the clarinets have not been used. There is a repaired crack in the A barrel. A rare and superbly crafted pair of clarinets with a mellow, elegant tone. Not to be missed!

Certification: .

Price: 2990GBP
Peter Handsworth
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21 Mar 2016 Niederlande Buffet Crampon Tosca A-clarinet

Offered because of double use: beautiful Buffet Tosca A-clarinet in original case! It has a very warm and mellow sound. Bought in september 2012 and in very good condition. Price is negotionable. Feel free to get in contact about the details.

Certification: .

Price: €3500,-
Annemiek de Bruin
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04 Mar 2016 Großbritannien (UK) SELMER Bass Clarinet.

One owner since mid-1980's.Completely fitted with Woodwind and Co. 'Superpads'This instrument can be viewed at WOODWIND and CO.(Manchester)- Phone me for more details-01978 759466.

Price: £4,500
Philip Jones
Tel: 01978 759466
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04 Mar 2016 Großbritannien (UK) SELMER RECITAL

Pair SELMER RECITAL clarinets.One owner since approx.1984.The B♭ has Woodwind and Co.'Superpads'.Played professionally up until 3 years ago.These instruments can be viewed at WOODWIND and CO.(Manchester)- Contact me for more details:01978 759466.

Price: £4,000
Philip Jones
Tel: 01978 759466
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24 Feb 2016 Spanien Buffet Crapon RC A Clarinet

Serial nummer: (F)40.6xx The clarinet is in a very good condition because has not been played much. The silver keys and Wood are all in perfect order with a natural shine. For more Infos please contact me.

Price: 1500
Tel: +49 15237009031
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18 Dec 2015 Großbritannien (UK) Buffet R13 Bflat Clarinet - CL978

Superb condition just has not been played much in the past three years. The silver keys are all in good order with a natural shine. It was perfect for me since I got it in 2009. Recommended for intermediate, advanced and professional players. Comes with a 5RV 13 mouthpiece, a cleaner and some 2.5 strength reeds. It also comes in a brown leather case with a velvet interior. Get in touch for discussion around price and postage and packaging which can be included.

Price: £1000
Diana Hindle Fisher
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05 Dec 2015 Großbritannien (UK) Pair of Howarth professional clarinets for sale

I'm selling my Howarth pair which I bought new in 1994. They have serial numbers 15 and 16 on the back which means they were the eighth pair made! Beautiful clarinets and are in tip-top condition having had some recent work done by Howarth's. They are currently for sale in Howarth's and are priced at £3500 for the pair but I will consider selling them separately or for a lower offer. Please contact me if interested.

Price: 3000 or nearest offer
Christiana Eastwood
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