Gestohlenes Instrument

Veröff.: 12 Jan 2022

2 old violins, very well used, not chinese. 4 bows.

Stolen: 28 Jul 2019 - between christmas and new year 2021-2022 - our house in South of France, Narbonne/Carcassone/Perpignan area

these are my personal instruments, my life line. They both have sentimental and pleasure value, they are also needed for work. I cannot afford to replace them. Amongst other things 23 other instruments have also ben stolen.
Beschreibung des Instruments:
1 violin is french made bought in Scotland the other possibly German or Italian. One has a very old repaired crack down the top right side. It also has a slightly shorter fingerboard than usual. both a classical dark colour. One has 4 old metal fine tuners the other possibly one. One has a good padded case the other an old type with stickers all over it. Both could be 200 or 300 years old. The bows are mixed, one is a family heirloom, one is a very good bow with papers, one is just an ordinary synthetic bow…..all are good bows with good shape and condition.

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