Gestohlenes Instrument

Veröff.: 02 Dec 2022

Violin by Emil Hjorth & Sønner, Copenhagen 1930, bow by Albert Nürnberger

Stolen: 02 Dec 2022 - Around 10.30 - On a train, close to Copenhagen central station, maybe Valby station

Beschreibung des Instruments:
The violin is dark red/orange and built by Emil Hjorth & Sønner - inside the violinen it says “under ledelse af Emil Hjorth og sønner København 1930”. It was in a black Gewa case which also contained two bows - one of them by Albert Nürnberger. Please share and keep an eye out on facebook marketplace and other places where people sell stuff. And if you know a violin maker, let them know as well!
Kirstine Jensen
Tel: +4560836124

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