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Veröff.: 31 May 2014

Jacob Stainer copy

Stolen: 26 May 2014 - 6:15am - Woolloongabba

Beschreibung des Instruments:
Please Please Help. I have CCTV footage of some creep climbing thru my kitchen window Monday morning the 26th of May 2014, in Woolloongabba (the Gabba) Brisbane, Qld, then seen leaving with my violin and other items. I really can't put into words the sentimental value the violin holds for me. It is the last surviving item I have that my late mother gave to me. It is a French violin. From memory the label reads 'Jacobus Stainer in Absom prope oenipontum 1659'. (Please excuse the spelling mistakes) Its has a brown case with black trimming. The violins front face is light brown, with the wood on the back face giving off a tiger strip effect. There is also about a 5-7cm scratch on back face. I don't have a decent photo, this one is not true to its colour, it is a light brown, not this yellow tinge.. CCTV footage is very grainy but if anyone recognise this person or comes across anyone trying to sell a violin of this description pls contact myself or the Dutton park police :(
Tel: 0466691966

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