Gestohlenes Instrument

Veröff.: 10 Aug 2015

A violin and two bows were stolen in Finland on 8th August 2015.

Stolen: 08 Aug 2015 - between 11 pm and 8 am. - Lohja (Sammatti)

It seems that this theft was done by professionals from Romania and they try to sell these instruments forward as soon as possible.
Beschreibung des Instruments:
A violin and two bows were stolen on 8th August 2015 in Finland from a private summer cottage. Violin: Paul Blachard year 1897 nr 423, model Guarnerius Del Gesu. Bow: Emile Fr. Ouchard year 1925. The other bow is not yet identified. The violin and the bows were in black case. Also the case was stolen. The fish symbol (ICHTYS) is placed on the case.
Petteri Monkkonen

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