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Publié: 22 Aug 2021

Takamine PB-30 bass stolen via ebay refund

Takamine PB-30 bass stolen via ebay refund, pic 1
Takamine PB-30 bass stolen via ebay refund, pic 2
Takamine PB-30 bass stolen via ebay refund, pic 3
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Stolen: 07 Aug 2021 - Riverside CA

crook! here is his ebay ID vmi0825_tz8twayby and personal data: Milton Vasquez d / birth 07.26.1975 9550 Manitoba Place Riverside CA 92503-1178 United States tel. 7144730825 old / Phone: 9517295937 Occupation: Clerk
Description de l'instrument:
Rare Takamine PB-30 bass S/N 28080001 - 1990 august the first order number build of guitar was stolen via ebay refund. the buyer, thanks to the ebay support solution, returned the money for the purchase of the bass, but the guitar was nevertheless delivered by USPS with a delay of 4 months at August 7, 2021 at 2:49 pm RIVERSIDE, CA 92503 The recipient stopped answering calls with a request to refuse to receive the package. Having thus received both money and a parcel in the amount of US $ 3814.58 if anyone knows this white collar crook, please respond! additional info about Takamine PB-30: about me and guitars:
vladimir Alekseev

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