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Tuesday 23 May 2017

12:09PM GMT (7 hours, 39 minutes ago)

The Second Violins Are Not Second Fiddle!

Violinist Paul Arnold has been a member of the Philadelphia Orchestra for 30 years. | read article...

12:20AM GMT (19 hours, 28 minutes ago)

German orchestra denied permission for protest performance by border fence

A German orchestra spearheading efforts to stage a June 3 protest concert on both sides of the Tijuana-San Diego border has found itself forced to change plans after state and federal authorities denied its requests to perform on the U.S. side. | read article...

Monday 22 May 2017

10:19PM GMT (21 hours, 29 minutes ago)

What tech could let you play a famous Stradivarius violin? - Government Technology

Government TechnologyWhat tech could let you play a famous Stradivarius violin?Government TechnologyA violinist plays the 3-D printed re-creation of a 1677 Stradivarius Sunrise. YouTube/ The Stradivarius Sunrise is a master violin crafted in ...3D-printed Stradivarius replica is nearly indistinguishable from the ...Digital Trendsall 2 news articles » | read article...

4:56PM GMT (1 day, 2 hours ago)

Russian cellist Natalia Shakhovskaya has died, aged 81

From 1975 to 1995 she served as head of cello and double bass studies at the Moscow Conservatory, and was a professor at the Queen Sofía School of Music in Madrid for 15 years. # | read article...

10:24AM GMT (1 day, 9 hours ago)

Antony Feeny: Will country-house opera’s champagne image survive Brexit?

Country-house opera: a small but critical part of the operatic economy, staging creative productions and innovative repertoire while offering career opportunities for hardworking, but underpaid, musicians. No, that doesn’t sound right. Let’s try again. | read article...

10:22AM GMT (1 day, 9 hours ago)

Sir Simon Rattle: "Ich fühle mich europäischer denn je"

Simon Rattle über Faust und das typisch deutsche, über Monty Python und seine Opernliebe. Ein Gespräch vor der Staatsopern-Premiere. | read article...

Friday 19 May 2017

1:04PM GMT (4 days, 6 hours ago)

Dutch conductor performs farewell concert in his adopted hometown

Famed Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra conductor Edo de Waart is bringing the orchestra to Madison... | read article...

Thursday 18 May 2017

3:18PM GMT (5 days, 4 hours ago)

Violinist Patricia Kopatchinskaja wins Switzerland's Grand Prix Music

Moldovan-born violinist Patricia Kopatchinskaja is one of 15 artists to be awarded this year's Grand Prix Music by the Swiss Federal Office of Culture. | read article...

2:37PM GMT (5 days, 5 hours ago)

Double bassist William McGregor wins Stulberg International String Competition 2017

William McGregor has been named the winner of the 2017 Stulberg International String Competition in Kalamazoo, Michigan. The 17-year-old is only the second double bassist to have won the contest in its 42-year history. | read article...

2:15PM GMT (5 days, 5 hours ago)

The musician who taught three-year-olds to master the violin

The violin is one of the most difficult instruments to master, yet Japanese teacher Shinichi Suzuki believed he could teach toddlers to play. | read article...

12:10PM GMT (5 days, 7 hours ago)

A Small Step Toward Correcting the Overwhelming Whiteness of Opera

The oft-bemoaned stasis of classical-music programming, and its outsized reliance upon works by a very small group of white male composers, means that music by composers of color rarely makes it into the concert hall or the opera house. | read article...

10:02AM GMT (5 days, 9 hours ago)

How pop-ups are making opera more accessible than ever

They all have recently been a location for an opera performance. So what has sparked this venue revolution? | read article...

10:02AM GMT (5 days, 9 hours ago)

Royal Opera's Oliver Mears: 'I used to hold meetings in the car'

On leaving university, Mears decided to pursue a career in theatre. “Opera was in the back of my mind,” he says. “There were particular operas I loved, and would listen to a lot – Don Giovanni or Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk... | read article...

Wednesday 17 May 2017

2:24PM GMT (6 days, 5 hours ago)

University Guide 2018 - league table for music

UK universities ranked by subject area: Music... | read article...

12:58PM GMT (6 days, 6 hours ago)

Andrew Litton Appointed as Principal Guest Conductor of Singapore Symphony Orchestra

"The orchestra sees this as a chance to continue the journey we have taken with all our major conductors, where each brings their unique expertise to explore different perspectives of music with our players. | read article...

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