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Saturday 30 April 2016

11:29AM GMT (19 hours, 42 minutes ago)

The ballet dance troupe started in a Nigerian garage

Lebanese-Nigerian Mrs Boulos was born in Burkina Faso but moved to Nigeria when her family relocated to expand their business. | read article...

Friday 29 April 2016

6:37PM GMT (1 day, 12 hours ago)

American Airlines apologizes to musician for barring violin

She said the fact that her violin, a 1742 Guarneri, is a rare and valuable instrument, is irrelevant: “It could be a $50 student violin and the same problem exists.” | read article...

5:39PM GMT (1 day, 13 hours ago)

Put a lid on the operatic Viking helmet cliché

In the more than 30 years that I have been going to the opera, in no opera house, on any continent, have I seen a production that used the quintessential Wagnerian stereotype: The pseudo-Viking horned helmet. | read article...

5:00PM GMT (1 day, 14 hours ago)

Arizona Opera's New Director is Really Excited About the New Job. Like, Really, Really Excited

The recent hiring of Joseph Specter as Arizona Opera's new general director isn't the first time in this last year that Phoenix and Austin have shared organizational arts leaders. | read article...

4:22PM GMT (1 day, 14 hours ago)

Opera singer Isabel Leonard has an unconventional approach to wellness

How an opera singer's exercise routine could teach you more than you think... | read article...

2:12PM GMT (1 day, 16 hours ago)

English National Opera appoints Daniel Kramer as artistic director

ENO hoping American-born director will bring stability to company that has lurched from crisis to crisis over past two years... | read article...

1:55PM GMT (1 day, 17 hours ago)

My toes were curled in a rictus of embarrassment at this new opera

The target public – that youthful constituency so reluctant to sample opera – was nowhere in evidence. | read article...

12:42PM GMT (1 day, 18 hours ago)

Stuck on repeat: why we love repetition in music

Music of every genre, every culture and every period employs repeated phrases for effect. Why do we love to listen to the same things again and again? | read article...

Thursday 28 April 2016

Wednesday 27 April 2016

9:29PM GMT (3 days, 9 hours ago)

The Forgotten First Woman Violinist to Perform on the American Stage

There below the granite cross positioned among low stones in an eastern corner of the cemetery, she’s simply described as the “wife of” Luére, with no hint of her incredible life. | read article...

5:21PM GMT (3 days, 13 hours ago)

Romanian opera row intensifies as culture minister resigns

There is chaos at the Romanian national opera: a row that began when the ballet company's Danish artistic director resigned with a parting shot at management has led to shows being cancelled, dancers refusing to perform, local artists protesting... | read article...

Tuesday 26 April 2016

4:45PM GMT (4 days, 14 hours ago)

Romania's opera bans ballerina Cojocaru from entering alone

Kobborg, who began working at the opera in 2013, recently resigned citing pressure from managers. Under the previous management, a dispute erupted with some employees shouting "Out with foreigners!" claiming Kobborg was overpaid. Cojocaru is engaged to Kobborg. | read article...

1:54PM GMT (4 days, 17 hours ago)

Soprano Anna Netrebko withdraws from Royal Opera's Norma

Setback for company after Russian star pulls out of production saying her voice has ‘evolved in a different direction’ | read article...

Monday 25 April 2016

10:29PM GMT (5 days, 8 hours ago)

Orchestra Left Without Chair When Music Stops: Another Independent Contractor Misclassification - The National Law Review

Orchestra Left Without Chair When Music Stops: How independent are musicians who play and perform with others? Do they have more artistic control on their own, or do they only become truly great artists in collaboration with others when their independent talents combine to make incredible music? | read article...

10:04PM GMT (5 days, 9 hours ago)

Review - The Forgotten Women of Classical Music by Anna Beer

This meticulously researched book honours eight female composers who defied the odds and thrived in a man’s world... | read article...

8:22PM GMT (5 days, 10 hours ago)

Missing symphony by one of England's greatest composers discovered on eBay 30 years after he gave it away to a plumber

In 2014 she found out the 190-page manuscript was being offered for sale by a company called Flogit4U, which specialises in selling valuable items on auction website eBay. | read article...

3:39PM GMT (5 days, 15 hours ago)

The Kathleen Ferrier Awards

Semi-Final Schedule: April 25, 2016... | read article...

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