Stolen Instrument

Publié: 10 Aug 2022

Lost/Stolen Patched Pre-War Heckel CC2 Bocal

Stolen: 03 Aug 2022 - NH

The additional damage I noted that initiated sending the bocal out for repair was I could see the line of the seam extending past the patch towards the tip, following the curve of the bocal. 8/3/22 Is the last timestamp I have - it was signed for at the UPS store at about 10:30 in the morning local.
Description de l'instrument:
I had purchased a Pre-War Heckel CC2 bocal from Charles Double Reed back in winter 2020. This summer I noticed I could see the line of the seam extending past the patch down towards the reed. While it still sealed I opted to send it out for repair before the situation worsened. After talking with a bunch of people locally I opted to send it to Robert Jordan to get a patchless repair done if possible. It was sent using UPS via the UPS Store. For whatever reason UPS misrouted twice. It sent it to Illinois (correct state!) but local depot sent back saying misrouted. After the 2nd round trip I initiated a return to sender. For whatever reason they had it returned to the store, not to me, and then had UPS pick it back up to complete the return to sender. The last tracking information I have is someone at the store signing for it. UPS claims to not have. The store claims to not have it. The last information I have is from August 3rd. I've attached photos from when I purchased.
Christopher Hayden
Tel: 603-943-4935

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