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Publié: 14 Jan 2019

Three bass guitars and an electro-acoustic

Three bass guitars and an electro-acoustic, pic 1
Three bass guitars and an electro-acoustic, pic 2
Three bass guitars and an electro-acoustic, pic 3
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Stolen: 08 Jan 2019 - between midnight and 3 a.m. - My house in Blackpool

Apart from the value of these guitars, particularly the 3 basses, they are of high personal value. I have been playing these instruments in many bands and groups and the are my "babies". They are priceless to me.
Description de l'instrument:
1 A substantially modified 1967 Rickenbacker 4001 bass which is now in pale blonde sunburst with chrome hardware, rosewood purfling and custom shading by Fylde Guitars, is now fretless and with stereo active electronics. 2 An original Status 4 string bass guitar, headless, double cutaway, carbon graphite through neck with body of exotic tropical woods. This has been updated with new parametric controls and fretboard LEDs 3 A Fender 5 string Jazz bass, 50th Anniversary model with gold hardware in traditional dark sunburst. This also has been upgraded with active controls 4 A Fender 6 string Telecoustic electro-acoustic, similar to the Redondo with cutaway and sound hole and bridge piezo pickup in a dark purple-red.
Lance Fogg

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